Oct 172011

Government online auctions usually sell the same type of vehicles which you will find at a ‘live’ government and police auctions elsewhere. That is either ex police and government vehicles including cars, 4X4′s and even boats or SUV’s. Also you will likely find vehicles which have been either repossessed or seized by the government from law breakers or people who default on their payments. These companies collect thousands of cars each week and the cost of storage outweighs their profit which is why they are sold off – often for a fraction of their true worth.

Online police and government auctions offer the same benefits as ‘live’ auctions without having to travel to get there. They offer a much wider catchment area and you can also do searches online based on vehicle make, model and any other specification you might desire. These government run auctions are not for private sales and are run by federal companies who offer reputable car and vehicle sales with full disclosure of vehicle condition and any faults.

Registration is usually free with some auctions requiring a  refundable deposit before allowing you to bid. Also a ‘buyers premium’ may also be applicable so make sure you read the terms and conditions before bidding on a car in an online auction.  You will be bidding against other online bidders and so this can mean more people are interested in the particular car you may be looking at than there would be at a ‘live’ auction. Check out the shipping prices too if you are thinking of buying from an online auction. You can find these from referrals on the online auction site. Shipping is generally not as expensive as you might think but make sure you have a look before bidding and take this into consideration when pricing up your car.

Make sure that any factory warranty can be transferred to you since there are no guarantees or warranties offered with these online auctions although you can extend your warranty with some third party companies. With this in mind you need to make sure you know what you are bidding on and there is a FAQ section on the website with full disclosure and many photographs of the vehicles to help you make your mind up.

The online bidding process of auctions for car purchase is quite straight forward but make sure you understand it before placing a bid since your bid is a legal contract and cannot be withdrawn.  You can bid in incremental amounts on an online auction and if successful you will be told. If your bid is too low to outbid the current high bidder you will be offered another bid.

To find out more about U.S. car auctions and to learn how to find police auctions for cars and other vehicles online visit this site.